Book Keeping

We provide bookkeeping services to clients and assist small business owners and self-employed individuals in organizing accounting records. To guarantee the accuracy of accounts, transactions are recorded when they occur, records are well-maintained, and financial events are reported and documented at the proper time. This  ensures accountability for all related assets.

Maintaining good records is a key factor of business growth. Business owners need good records to prepare accurate tax returns and financial statements such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Benefits of Hiring Eagles Tax & Accounting Services for Book keeping

  • Organizes data for financial statements
  • Promotes operational efficiency while preventing theft
  • Monitors the growth of your business
  • Keeps records of all business assets
  • Identifies deductible expenses and tracks receipts
  • Supports and substantiates items reported on tax returns
  • Facilitates accuracy and completeness of tax returns
  • Ensures accuracy of statements used in dealing with investors, banks and/or creditors to acquire credit line needed for operating your business
  • Provides reliable data regarding business transactions

It is important for business owners to support and substantiate items reported on tax returns as well as to maintain good records. This ensures that these records will be readily available to IRS officials during audits. If the IRS selects any of your tax returns for examination, you should be able to validate and explain the items reported on the return.

With our services, the above quality requirements are met and exceeded; records are organized in an orderly form, ensuring that business items are kept separate from personal items. This process speeds up the verification of items, especially during audits. Keep in mind that tax records must support all income, deductible expenses and credits listed on your tax return.

We are devoted to providing bookkeeping services to companies in Raleigh, North Carolina. We aim to assist business owners in becoming more efficient and to save time for busy clients, while adding value and minimizing clients’ cost and ensuring accuracy of records.